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about Blueponte

Bringing Trust To IT Sourcing

We focus exclusively on one topic – Service Integration.

We are neither system integrator nor service provider in the classical sense. However, we support the integration of individual services into one complete unfragmented service landscape. In doing so, we are happy to take over the management of your suppliers, if needed. Since we are an independent company and have no allegiance with vendors or providers, we are impartial and flexible in our actions. For topics that are not part of our service integration focus, we recommend professional and independent experts from our network.

We combine relevant professional experience with the SIAM management model and enrich our service with models such as DevOps and Agile. Our approach is to shift the focus from the organization to the people working in it.

For our employees, customers and our partner network, we strive for qualitative relationships that are characterized by loyalty and fairness.

With our approach we want to restore trust in IT Sourcing – according to our mission statement: Bringing Trust To IT Sourcing.


Roland Kranzl

DI(FH) Ronald Kränzl, MBA

Managing Director & Founder

Ronald is a strategist with a vision, no horizon is too wide and no detail too small. As the founder of Blueponte, Ronald is responsible for the areas of SIAM Operations, Innovation & Portfolio Management as well as IT & Legal.

Ronald's Profile
Strategist 100%
Endurance 100%
Reliability 100%
GR Markus Mueller

Markus Müller, MBA


Markus is one of the SIAM creators and a visionary. He is also one of the authors of the SIAM Professional Body of Knowledge. As Blueponte co-founder, Markus is responsible for our SIAM Academy.

Markus Profile
Connects Theory & Practices 100%
Coordinated & structured 100%
Creativity 100%
GF Lorenz Schmoepf

Lorenz Schnöpf, MSc

Managing Director & Founder

Lorenz is a problem solver and implementer, the driving force and infinite source of ideas. As the founder of Blueponte, Lorenz is responsible for the areas of SIAM Consulting, Sales Operations & Marketing, HR and Finance.

Lorenz Profil
Implementer 100%
Problem Solver 100%
SIAM Enthusiast 100%
Levente Toth

Levente Toth, BA

Junior SIAM Consultant

Levente is our youngster in the team. He is extremely motivated, incredible inquisitive and, thanks to his quick comprehension, recognizes the essentials of facts and contexts, no matter how complicated they are.

Levente Profil
Professional 100%
Comprehension 100%
Enthusiast 100%
Karl Schindler

Karl Schindler

Senior SIAM Consultant

Karl complements our team with its extensive experience in service management. His credo: Accuracy and perfection in the positive sense, so he masters every customer situation with a high degree of reliability. 

Levente Profil
Perfectionist 100%
Experience 100%
Customer Understanding 100%


We are growing

The Blueponte team is growing. Follow us on LinkedIn or subscribe to our newsletter for open positions. You may also send us an unsolicited application. SIAM-experienced or curious spirits are exactly the right fit for us. Bridge-builders, strategists, implementers and project managers who value transparency, loyalty, flexibility and determination, are welcome. High potentials and lateral thinkers, we are waiting for your applications.

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